Introducing the PaddleGate

Pedestrian access can now be easily controlled with the new APC PaddleGate.

This new product has many benefits over the traditional turnstile systems, such as:
  • Increased revenue - The PaddleGate is harder to get over and under than most traditional pedestrian gates, decreasing the amount of evaded revenue.
  • Clear Safe walkway - Those using it can immediately see a clear walk way ahead of them when the paddles open, meaning they can move through it quickly, leaving it ready for the next person.
  • Speed and safety - By using the latest electronic control software we have made sure the automatic paddles always open quickly and safely with each payment.
  • Small footprint - The PaddleGate can be fitted in narrow entrances and corridors, whilst still providing a wide isle opening from 520 - 620mm in the standard.
  • Integrated Cash collection - The cash collection system within the machine is totally secure. It has a 2mm stainless steel door and a tamperproof, self locking cashbag, both of which virtually eliminates the risk of theft.
  • Built-in and Online Auditing and notification facilities
  • Vandal resistant - Each PaddleGate is constructed using strong, resistant stainless steel. It is extremely hard wearing and can withstand a lot of the vandalism and wear associated with constant contact with the public.
    The product can also be built to order so you have full control over how much pressure can be applied to the paddle before it starts to move.
  • Safety - The use of top-quality safety devices means the PaddleGate adheres to the highest safety standards. It is designed to fully comply with guidelines on the safe operation of automatic gates (BS7036).
  • Customisation - From 'soft-touch' to perspex paddles and custom corporate colours and logos, we can customise almost all aspects as required. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    The PaddleGate is designed, manufactured and built in the UK by Access Point Controls in association with Healthmatic, the UK's leading designer and installer of public toilets.

    For more detailed information on the above benefits please see the brochure download top right or to discuss your requirements further, please contact us here
For more information contact us here

To download the PaddleGate product brochure please click here



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The APC PaddleGate